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ODAASP Mission: It Takes A Village Mentality – Ubuntu Principles

Our Dream Achievers Art & Science Program (ODAASP) is a community-based program. ODAASP’s mission is ensuring our community/village as the complete resource for rearing our children to greatness.

ODAASP is committed to building a bright outlook for our children’s future, enhance prevention, SPARK dream achieving, and equity for all through Ubuntu principles of I am because we are.

Since 2005, ODAASP continues to be an organization that serves our entire community/village! We have succeeded in cultivating the values, skills, and relationships; that lead to positive behaviors, meaningful relationship building, community building, better health, prevention, and educational achievement throughout our community/village.

Meet the team

Kenneth Stroughter
Kenneth Stroughter
The Advocating Father
Tessie Thiel
Tessie Thiel
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Andrea Evans
Andrea Evans
Meet Andrea Evans the compassionate CEO/Founder/Executive Director of Our Dream Achievers / Art & Science Program!
Jovani Bayer
Jovani Bayer
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Jerrod Murphy
Jerrod Murphy
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Gregoria Hermiston
Gregoria Hermiston
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Youth lack of dream fulfillment & lack of hope

Youth lack life skills

Youth lack goalsetting opportunities& skills

Youth suicide rates

Youth lack self-esteem & confidence

Youth are incarcerated or seton a path to incarceration

Youth have a lack of supportive adults and mentors


Mentorship programming

Curriculum(semester long, possibly quarterly)

Staff time

Volunteer time

Community partnerships &collaborations

Program resources: activity supplies, meals, program experiences


Afterschool program with mentoring aspect

Parent engagement

Community outreach

Pre & post surveys of students

Pre & post surveys of parents


# of students served

# of parent engagement opportunities

# of community members who attend outreach events

# of community partnerships

Short-Term Outcomes

8 weeks

Hopeful expectations for the future

Increased problem solving skills

Knowledge of SMART Goals - skills for setting and pursuing goals

More connected to community resources

Greater sense of meaning and purpose

Increased understanding of youth’s skills and interests

Mid-Term Outcomes

9 weeks – 1 year+


Identified a caring &supportive adult

Following up with community resources; connected to agencies that support in their area of need

Long-Term Outcomes

Into adulthood

Higher educational attainment

Less juvenile justice system involvement and less incarceration

Increased self-esteem

Increased life skills and job retention

Better child-parent relationship and connection

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